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I am very grateful to Daria for our four coaching sessions, and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is in a teaching or high-stress job or situation. While being a noble profession, teaching can be quite stressful, frustrating and isolating at times. There is a huge need for mentorship, but many times you cannot find it in the work environment. I felt safe to share things that I had on my heart and in my mind with Daria. Not only did she listen carefully, but she supported me in finding solutions and taking small steps to feel more at ease in my daily life by continuing to be the great teacher that I am, while not beating myself up. It meant a lot to me to connect with Daria, someone who not only understood my journey, but provided helpful steps to make it better. Thank you so much, Daria.

Michelle N.

Private Language Teacher, Florida

Going through a series of struggles, including home displacement and moving in with aging parents, zero income/job, and dealing with an estranged teenage daughter, (because of course I can’t have my life crises come at me in single file; they come in a tight-knit collective), I’ve had some rough moments. Very rough moments, in fact. Daria has coached me through many of the worst ones, patiently listening and asking just the right questions to help me unravel my own knots and find the answers I’ve needed to pick myself up and move onward. She is insightful, intuitive, unabashed and direct, with a great sense of humor to lighten up some of my tougher moments. As an empowerment coach, I simply cannot recommend her highly enough! Anybody struggling with life issues, from relationship issues and emotional distress to the practical concerns of finances and work, will be well advised to seek Daria’s direct, non-nonsense approach.

Diana Holmstrom

Writer, Personal Training and Empowerment Coach, Santa Maria, CA

Always positive, helpful, insightful, and enthusiastic, Daria really helped me to redefine my priorities and challenged me to stick to them, which is precisely what I needed.  Daria immediately understood that and made sure that I could count on her support.  In the end, she helped me to get back on the right path, and I am really thankful for that.  Thank you, amazing, incredible, wonderful Daria, for listening to me, and motivating me to do better.  There is no doubt in my mind that Daria will guide you towards a new empowered you and the abundant life that you are hoping for.

Solange Tardif

Medical Technician, DND

My coaching experience with Daria has been both a joy and a blessing. Talking with her has been as natural as talking with a dear friend. She has opened my eyes to new possibilities of my greatness while giving me the tools to do so. Thank you, Daria!

Sabrina Jones

Insurance Agent, Wilmington, NC

Daria’s gift is in helping her clients uncover their true selves. In just a few sessions Daria helped me see where I was blocked and gave me exercises to break through the barriers in order to further strive to a new level of personal growth and understanding.

Crystal Champagne

Certified Personal & Group Trainer, Montreal, QC

Daria is a very open and supportive coach.  She mirrored me in an empowered way that I could see my gifts within, and that it was time and safe to share them with the world and I was ready. I felt genuine love and care from her, her words supported me in a way I felt confident to step into my future with joy, peace and ease.

Trish Stephenson-Carlson

Entrepreneur, Fort Saint John, BC

Thank you! You are a wonderful coach!  Thank you for holding the space for me to see my own light!

Heather Scriven

Retail Clerk and Home Business Owner, Taylor, BC

Looking to make some positive changes in your life? Daria can give you the tools to effectively implement those changes.

Betty Dworatschek

Law Clerk, Toronto, ON

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